“When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom.” (Proverbs 11:2 NIV)

How often have you heard that voice that simply blows you away?

I mean you’re just sitting there waiting to be wowed and a sound reaches your ear that touches you to your core. It’s not just the voice… it’s the message which you hear more clearly with every note of the song. If you have had an experience like this before, then you more than likely will be familiar with the type of person I’m about to discuss with you.

You see, over the years I have noticed that rarely have I continued to be blown away by local gospel singers after they begin to gather a bit of fame. Their music still sounds amazing… don’t get me wrong, but the message is gone. I’ve started to call it the singer complex. It sounds like a disease or a disorder, I’m aware of that, and in truth that’s exactly what it is. With each compliment, every “You blessed my heart,” the “WOWs”, the “You have an amazing voice(s)”, a little more pride creeps in until there is no more space for God. And without God how can there be a message that touches you?

Contrary to the name however this “disease”, doesn’t only affect singers. It has been caught by many pastors, programme planners, actors and many others of the gifted community. [As we all have gifts, we are all susceptible to this disease.] I must confess that I have often caught it myself. It’s like the flu…it never really goes away. It just waits until your immune system it down then, BAM!! it jumps out at you like shark out of water.

Like those singers whose message we no longer feel, we become so filled with pride that God has no space in our lives. As Solomon says, pride brings disgrace but humility brings wisdom. True wisdom comes only from having God in our lives. So as we minister to others ” in the name of Jesus”, let’s make sure we actually have Jesus in our hearts. We all, and I mean all, must examine our lives, and put away pride so God can use us to lead others to him.

Check in with the Great Physician and allow him to heal you from your Complex. With prayer and supplication let’s come back to him and allow him to empty us of self and fill us with his Spirit.Our prayer should be, “Lord give me a heart like thine.”

P.S. Show-off bring disgrace.



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