I’d have liked to start off my post with a text but I can’t quite find one to fit it. If you think of one just leave a comment below.

My first grade 6 teacher, Mrs. Terrelonge, [yes, I was in grade 6 twice], told us of 3 types of deaf persons one day as we were being particularly stubborn to the lesson she was teaching. The first was well… deaf people, you know persons lacking the ability to hear due to some medical reasons. The second was the tone deaf person who we as Jamaicans just call hard of hearing, as they never seem to hear the right thing. The last she called STIFF TONE DEAF, and please note this is not a real condition. The point she was trying to make about this final group is that though they had the ability to hear, they chose not to. Does this remind you of anyone you know?

Let me reveal a little secret. Shhhh… don’t tell anyone. I’m hard of hearing. For some reason my ear clogs up with excess wax which causes me to not hear things so well. Thus I have to clean them quite often. Yes I know, EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !!!!! GRRRROOOSSSSS!!!!! But it does come in handing sometimes when someone is telling me something I’m not particularly eager to hear. As I thought about what my next post was to be about it occurred to me that like excess ear wax, we have things in our lives that are preventing us from hearing the words of God.

Medical professionals will tell you that ear wax can be both good and bad. It protects the ear canal and traps microbes. In this case however, ear wax is bad. Now I’m not speaking literally wax, but there is some build up of “dust and microbes” in our lives that are distancing us from the Master. Maybe this is only me, but I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m wondering if he’s still near. This wondering caused me to pause and examine what’s different in my life now versus when I felt him close and heard him speaking to me… and no, I’m not mad.

My examination led me to the realization that there are some habits, some idols, some things that are separating me from the love of God. They’re like hair clogging up a pipe; the only way to get the water, the love of God, flowing freely again is to remove the blockage, be it hair,wax or whatever else. As I work on removing the wax in my ear with his help, I ask…Do you have any wax build up? Is there something preventing you from hearing the voice of God or feeling his love in your life?

Again Jesus is waiting to fix us up… to clean the wax from our lives… wont you let him?

P.S. Haad ears monkey, nyaam green banana.


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