So this week I’m doing things a little different. Here’s a poem I wrote last year. Let’s start a discussion. Read it and tell me what you think. What’s happening here? What lessons can we take from this? Comment here or on Facebook. I’ll read them all then write my real piece for this week. Thanks all, I hope you enjoy.

Dear Most Righteous and Eternal Father,

I come before you this eve, unworthy;

Seeking you forgive me of my sin,

Truth is Lord; it was only a little gin.


Lord please forgive this one,

Like you forgot the one before;

See Lord I kinda kept my promise,

I didn’t drink anymore.


Lord you forgave me that at 6 o’ clock,

And a whole hour has passed by;

Surely you can again forgive me,

Like at 5 when I had the sky.

Lord I know I’m still in the bar,

I’ll leave when this prayer is done;

I’m not even sure why I did it,

Since it was no great fun.


Well for a moment they tasted great,

But that moment soon passed on;

And though they got me off the problems,

That happiness is gone.


I guess what I’m saying is I’m sorry,

That I broke your rules;

Sitting here drinking liquor,

With this sorry bunch of fools.


I only did it cause they asked me to,

So Lord whose fault is it?

But still I’m really sorry,

So don’t send me to the pit.


Lord thank you for the mercies,

You bestow on me;

But though I want to promise,

To no longer a disappointment be-


I think it may happen again,

Not that I’m planning Lord;

But it says not to make unkeepable promises,

Right there in your word,


Anyways thanks again Lord,

For dragging me from that ‘sink’;

Amen and Amen, Lord.

“Bartender! One more drink!”


Alana Ali


One thought on “A Hypocrite’s Prayer

  1. I like it. A bit humourous funny but thought privoking. Many times we find ourselves in similar situations, (maybe not drinking but other sins that easily beset us), and pray a simular prayer. We are falling in the same hypocritical positions. Lord have mercy on us.

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