You may be wondering what inspires one to come up with something like this.

I’ll answer you truthfully…Guilt.

I had thought of the title long before I wrote this poem. I wrote it a million ways in a head before I sat after midnight one night with a flash light and wrote it all down. I had been struggling with something that I kept asking forgiveness for. I knew I was being presumptuous but couldn’t seem to stop for any long period of time. I started referring to myself as the world’s greatest idiot for not being able to overcome my problem although I knew what the right thing to do was. The poem was to be a reminder of what I was doing and cause me to reflect on my life.

A few lessons ago  they taught the origin of the word hypocrite, two-faced. It originated from actors in ancient Greece I believe playing to characters in a play using masks to change personality. As I reflected on this seeming jovial poem that I had written I realized how two-faced I myself am. I appear to those around me as something I have never been. Very few persons knows the real me and no one for sure knows my whole story.

As I thought of my hypocrisy I became to see what a fake I am. I find myself struggling with the same issues over and over, but I often too ashamed to ask others to pray for me or for their advice. Yet I knee each night and presume that God in his tender mercies may see it fit to forgive me.

I can’t assume anyone else is like I am, but I’ve been asking God to fix me and making the necessary changes to be who God wants me to be and that alone. May be you’re like me and don’t recognize how we assume God will forgive for something we knew was wrong before we did it. maybe you do know what you’re doing. I often heard persons say that it doesn’t mattering if we sin knowing, God will forgive us anyway.

Don’t be like me… don’t allow life to get to the point where you have to struggle to find yourself and to get back to God. Wrong will always be wrong no matter how right we want it to be. Be mindful of what you do, keep in mind what you know and never loose sight of your true face.

P.S. Thanks for commenting… I appreciate it.


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