But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. James 3: 8 KJV

In primary school when someone came to you and said “Mouth, teeth and tongue seh…” you knew something bad was coming next. But in typical human fashion, curiosity takes over and you want to hear the rest anyway. Sometimes, truth be told, you would have told someone else what you just heard without checking if were true. The sad thing was that the subject of the conversation happening inside the oral cavity, was usually your friend. Looking back now, do you ever wonder why some of your friends from then aren’t friends with you now?

It is sad to say that the “game” doesn’t end at primary school. We have a dumb habit of playing it through life. Over the past few months I’ve been subject to some unsavoury stories I’d rather I hadn’t heard. Unfortunately I can’t live in blissful ignorance forever and rumors must end somewhere.

We often don’t consider that the unfounded nonsense we spew out of our mouths will be of harm. However, the opposite is also true. We do consider the damage we’ll do and bask in the results of our deceit. Another sad truth is that the oral cavity conversations occur among the “converted.”

I wonder if the apostle James saw the future. Did he look through time and see the hurt we’d cause with our tongues? I cannot conceptualize that after so many centuries humans still practice this style of torture. ME: “DISAPPOINTED” We use our tongues to stab friends in the back, take vengeance on our enemy and cause  others to lose their lives. James knew what he was talking about when he wrote of how deadly a weapon the tongue was. The time we spend in Oral cavity conversations would be more beneficial as moments for witnessing of God’s love and grace.Watch what you say…Think before you talk…SHUT UP  if you have nothing good to say.

P.S. ” Sticks and stones…” is one of the world’s biggest lies.


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