1 Blessing, 2 Blessing, 3 Blessing, 4…

Today I began the 1st day of my 23rd year. Yep, my math is correct. That makes me 22 years old.

My week started with a pity party. I felt sorry for myself, pushing myself deeper into a pit of self-pity and depression. I wanted to disappear. Then i remembered something, I am blessed.

I thought about the share a meal project I had in mind for the end of the week and those who would benefit. It was that thought that reminded me that though I don’t have the prefect life I am blessed. You see, despite the problems I’ve had all year, the trials I’ve had to overcome, the disappearance of old friends and the fact that I cried myself to sleep last night because my world seemed to be crashing down, I still have much to be thankful for.

  1. I have a Heavenly Father who promises to never leave me nor forsake me. Who is always by my side, who has fixed even the troubles I have yet to see.
  2. I have a Mom and a Dad who sacrifice their last to make sure their children have.
  3. I have siblings who get on my last nerves but who always come through when I need them.
  4. I have family that show up in the most unexpected way just when I need a helping hand.
  5. I have friends who know when I need a shoulder to cry on, or just a laugh, even though they may not always be available.
  6. I have a church family that never fails to reminding me that they are praying for me.
  7. I have a new family (#32seconds), some of the craziest people I know, who take on my over the top ideas and help me bring blessings to others.
  8. I have food, clothing, shelter, and a Kitti ( Everyone needs one of these, you’ll never stop laughing).
  9. I am blessed with the ability to minister to others through my imagination
  10. And most importantly, I HAVE LIFE.

It doesn’t always turn out as planned. I don’t always have a good day. But when at each moment I realize I still have the opportunity to repent of my sins and to tell someone about salvation, I must acknowledge the fact that I am Blessed.

I’ve seen the suffering of those around me, not just the less fortunate, but also my friends who go through their various circumstances. I cannot then pause for a moment of complaint. This November 11, I just wanna be thankful. I just wanna be able to say “Thank you Lord. I don’t know what I have done to deserve your blessings and grace but thank you. Thank you for loving me. I love you. Alana.”

I know it’s my birthday, but count your blessings. Remember, once there is life there is hope. God has big plans for you. No matter how bad things seem, He promises that better is yet to come.

P.S. I’m finally 22. meal



The Important Things

Next Friday I turn 22. That’s right… On the 11 of the 11 I turn 22, awesome right?

In my almost 22 years of life I’ve come to realize something. Our physical lives last only as long as God grants us breath, but we live on in the memories of others based on how we live our lives. This gets me to thinking ever so often… If I die today, how would I be remembered.

If I check the folks from primary school, they’d said I was the smart, barefoot, Indian girl. If I asked those whom I attended high school with, they either remember me as the Indian girl who never combed her hair and always had her nose buried in a book or they’d not remember me at all. Folks from 6th form would remember me as always being in the art room or as my best friend’s best friend or my sister’s sister. My class from dental school probably won’t even remember I was apart of the class and the same goes for my classmates now.

You would think I’m complaining but I find this all hilarious. What’s the point of remembering someone for the trivial things? What’s the point of remembering someone whose name is not found in the lamb’s book of life? A few years ago the theme song for the “Alana Show” became ” Live for Jesus.” I had gotten to the point where I began wondering if all this christian stuff was worth it? I mean,  when Christ said leave all and follow him he meant it. “Friends, Fun, Freedom…” But I now understand that having a ton of friends remembering me for nonsense is an absolute waste of time.

Lord I wanna be remembered as the girl who sang her song for Jesus Christ, Who was willing to lay down her life, and to do his will no matter what the price… As I celebrate my 22nd year of life, I want to do something that no one important will probably remember the day after. I need your help. Help me share meals with the less fortunate around us. I’m dubbing November 11, 2016, Share a Meal Day.

You see the truth is, it doesn’t matter if we are remembered what matters is how we are remembered and by who. So while we’re helping others, keep in mine we do this not to be remembered or for gratification, we do this as our Christian duty to our fellowmen.

Do what you can to impact the lives of others now, for what will it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul. How will you be remembered? Make good memories today.

P.S. God remembers.  #shareameal. #november11.




As I observe the world around me, I’ve noticed humanity’s disregard for our fellowmen. It never fails to amaze me just how much we “care”. We’ve become so caught up in self that we don’t even notice those suffering right beside us. It’s all about me, what I want, what I can do, how I look, how life affects me. We spend so much time focused on the me factor, that we neglect our duty to each other.

As a little girl my mother use to tell us of the people in Africa who didn’t have what to eat most time, much less a choice, whenever we decided we didn’t want what she had. I pass persons on the streets begging a meal and think “If only I had the money to help them.” Then one day I’m at home and throw out some old food because I didn’t feel like having anymore of it. On days like those guilt rides my conscience. I can’t help but think that at that moment someone near me might be hungry and not even have old food.

There are other days when I have a craving and stop at nothing until I get what I want, simply because I wanted it (if you know me you know this is chocolate). Over the passed few months I’ve come to realize how self involved I am. For the last few years, I’ve posted a birthday wishlist on Facebook, hoping someone would get me a present. This year I have one wish.

I’ll need your help and the help of everyone you know. Let’s make a difference. This year help me share a meal with someone in need. And no, that’s not the friend who’s always hungry no matter what. There are tons of people around us who may have need of a friend with a well needed meal. Maybe a friend, a family meal, a co-worker, someone at the station, the homeless shelter, your neighbour, whoever you choose. You can do it solo or in groups. Help me make someone’s day special.

November 11 is SHARE A MEAL DAY! Let’s start a trend. Let’s make a difference. Share this post with your friends. Tag them in post just #shareameal. On November 11 post on your social media to let me know you took part. Lets’s change the world one meal at a time.  Remember we are called to be our brother’s keeper. To be stewards of God taking care of the world around us.

P.S. #Shareameal

Upgraded and Forgotten

I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt so that you would not be their slaves, and I broke the bars of your yoke and made you walk erect.(Leviticus 26: 13)

Phones have never been a particular interest of mine. Those of you who know me can testify to the fact that I’ve been a “bangaz” kinda girl for a long time. The era of smart phones, which started near the end of my high school sojourn, saw many of my friends upgrading to this communication medium.

“They make life easier.”

“You naah seh nothin if yuh nuh hjave a smaat fone”

“Get with the times”

“Yuh have Whatsapp?” No. “Twitter?” No. “Instagram?” No. “Snapchat?” NO.

“When yuh get whatsapp mi message yuh man. SMS and FB outta style.”

But little miss “bangaz”, me, still didn’t see the point. In my mind, being as naive as I am, friendship could overcome the boundaries of social media. Little did I know, the meaning of friendship existing in my mind was WRONG. The bigger the phones got, followed of course by the lifestyles, the less the communication became, until it was plain none existent. These were persons I use to talk to at least once a week.

Time passed and it became necessary to acquire such a device. You would think my friends, now recognizing my presence on the social media outlets, friends I never failed to text (SMS and Facebook of course) or call, would then send me a message. Ha! you would be wrong. W-R-O-N-G, wrong.

The point of my rantings is this; through the times when we were broke, or when we were in trouble, when our luck was down, we knew our creator. Then we get to the point where we get our jobs, or degrees, or marry well, you know step up in life. From some of us, we get a small break like passing GSAT or CXC (yes, it is that bad). At this point we upgrade and forget who brought us through. We act like the Israelites. They only knew God when they were in trouble.

God blesses us because he loves us. Yet we use our blessings to distract us from serving him. We UPGRADE and we FORGET. Analyse your life…Have you forgotten where God has brought you from? What he has brought you through? I cannot claim to have ever brought my friends through, but God can. It’s time to Upgrade and REMEMBER.

P.S. Though God is way better than us, he never abandons us.

Mouth, Teeth and Tongue Seh…

But the tongue can no man tame; it is an unruly evil, full of deadly poison. James 3: 8 KJV

In primary school when someone came to you and said “Mouth, teeth and tongue seh…” you knew something bad was coming next. But in typical human fashion, curiosity takes over and you want to hear the rest anyway. Sometimes, truth be told, you would have told someone else what you just heard without checking if were true. The sad thing was that the subject of the conversation happening inside the oral cavity, was usually your friend. Looking back now, do you ever wonder why some of your friends from then aren’t friends with you now?

It is sad to say that the “game” doesn’t end at primary school. We have a dumb habit of playing it through life. Over the past few months I’ve been subject to some unsavoury stories I’d rather I hadn’t heard. Unfortunately I can’t live in blissful ignorance forever and rumors must end somewhere.

We often don’t consider that the unfounded nonsense we spew out of our mouths will be of harm. However, the opposite is also true. We do consider the damage we’ll do and bask in the results of our deceit. Another sad truth is that the oral cavity conversations occur among the “converted.”

I wonder if the apostle James saw the future. Did he look through time and see the hurt we’d cause with our tongues? I cannot conceptualize that after so many centuries humans still practice this style of torture. ME: “DISAPPOINTED” We use our tongues to stab friends in the back, take vengeance on our enemy and cause  others to lose their lives. James knew what he was talking about when he wrote of how deadly a weapon the tongue was. The time we spend in Oral cavity conversations would be more beneficial as moments for witnessing of God’s love and grace.Watch what you say…Think before you talk…SHUT UP  if you have nothing good to say.

P.S. ” Sticks and stones…” is one of the world’s biggest lies.

The Convenience Store God

Ever had that friend that only calls you when they need some thing. I mean, the moment you see their caller ID you know they want something. Bear in mind they’re never there when you need them, they pretend they don’t see you when you go out and they never wish you happy birthday even though it all over Facebook.

Maybe you don’t have any of those, but I have tons. I come to accept that maybe I was meant be a convenience store friend. You see, most of my “friendship” really are like convenience stores, you only go in when you need something and you never stay longer than it takes to get it. I actually don’t mind it anymore. I’ve come to realize that just being there when someone needs you, even though they may never return a favour is OK. Maybe you can be a witness in their lives.

What point am I trying to make from my sucky life? Stop for a minute and think… Who do we often treat like a convenience store? That’s right…God. We often wait until we’re in a pinch or worst, a pit we can’t get out of to ask for his help and guidance. As soon as he comes to our aid we forget about him and move right on with our lives.

I read a hilarious poem once about a farmer who got stuck in the snow and prayed for help. He dies unfortunately and when he gets to heaven he asked Peter why God didn’t send him help. Peter then proceeds to tell him them God did send help but he hadn’t prayed so long that God didn’t recognize his voice and sent him to a whole other state.

It’s not an accurate depiction of how God works but you get the point. Think for a moment, what if this was really how God operated, would he be able to find you when he sent help? Would he recognize your voice? How long has it been since you talked with the Lord? Is he a Convenience store to you or the place you must go everyday. Do you feel guilty and torn up inside if you miss your morning worship or your bedtime prayer?


Is he just a Convenience store God?

P.S. We often lose that which we don’t use.

A Hypocrite’s Prayer Pt2

You may be wondering what inspires one to come up with something like this.

I’ll answer you truthfully…Guilt.

I had thought of the title long before I wrote this poem. I wrote it a million ways in a head before I sat after midnight one night with a flash light and wrote it all down. I had been struggling with something that I kept asking forgiveness for. I knew I was being presumptuous but couldn’t seem to stop for any long period of time. I started referring to myself as the world’s greatest idiot for not being able to overcome my problem although I knew what the right thing to do was. The poem was to be a reminder of what I was doing and cause me to reflect on my life.

A few lessons ago  they taught the origin of the word hypocrite, two-faced. It originated from actors in ancient Greece I believe playing to characters in a play using masks to change personality. As I reflected on this seeming jovial poem that I had written I realized how two-faced I myself am. I appear to those around me as something I have never been. Very few persons knows the real me and no one for sure knows my whole story.

As I thought of my hypocrisy I became to see what a fake I am. I find myself struggling with the same issues over and over, but I often too ashamed to ask others to pray for me or for their advice. Yet I knee each night and presume that God in his tender mercies may see it fit to forgive me.

I can’t assume anyone else is like I am, but I’ve been asking God to fix me and making the necessary changes to be who God wants me to be and that alone. May be you’re like me and don’t recognize how we assume God will forgive for something we knew was wrong before we did it. maybe you do know what you’re doing. I often heard persons say that it doesn’t mattering if we sin knowing, God will forgive us anyway.

Don’t be like me… don’t allow life to get to the point where you have to struggle to find yourself and to get back to God. Wrong will always be wrong no matter how right we want it to be. Be mindful of what you do, keep in mind what you know and never loose sight of your true face.

P.S. Thanks for commenting… I appreciate it.